A Truth in Life

Sometimes, but not so often, I found myself engaged in searching through bookshelves a certain book. I know it is a kind of wasting my time, but I can not quit trying to find the book. It must be somewhere in a bookshelf, I'm sure, but I have to find the book, because I do need it for tomorrow's class or my research paper. Usually as soon as you quit searching it, or forget to find it, the book appears suddenly out of nowhere. Or if only you have to pretend to stop searching, the book might be found. Sometimes this is a case.

Yesterday I could not quit searching a certain book with no clear reason, but I spent a couple of hours. I knew I was doing useless thing. Finally I decided to get another copy, so I ordered the copy through Internet. After closing down Internet and putting away my Dynabook and when I happened to take a glance at a bookshelf, I found the book. It is a truth in life.

By the way I also found another truth in life recently. There are some people you cannot work with. Foolishly I have been thinking that you can understand each other, so I have endured whatever I have had since that group bullying. At that time they said to me, " Your diary is hurting someone." " Your diary is looking down on us. My husband said so too." " Do not write the diary. Do not write about children." They never mentioned "where" or "what" or "who". You should have quitted at that time, but I have willingly suspended my distrust about the people. No longer now.

You should not quit something which is worth trying, such as looking for a missing book in your bookshelves, but occationally you should quit anything when you sense something insulting and unrespected. That is the truth which I have found. The last diary was, I must admit, provocative one, but, even though, I expected they would give up reading the capital lettered diary, because of the bother of consulting a dictionary. My message was not carried down properly to them. Instead, a woman rahter said to me, " You are an inconsiderate person. You did what others didn't want to be done. Since you have not learned what you should have at preschool, your English is vulgar as well as Japanese." Again no mentioning "where" or "what" or "to whom". Thank you very much. I have to reap what I have sown, but I never wanted to be insulted any more.










  • Author:わしこ
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